Book Cover for Blackwood

BLACKWOOD is a book for children and young adults. Set in magical medieval times, it is not just any ordinary faerie-tale, and contains a lot of dark, mysterious material, and a heroine with no eyelids! We were tasked with designing a book cover to reflect the content.

Blackwood will be published soon by Bread&Butter.

Here’s the blurb:

Christina opens the wooden chest of her dead stepmother to discover she has been saddled with the ongoing task of the ancient Ostergaard family: To rid the entire world of faeries.

The only problem is, as far as she knows, faeries do not exist.

Meanwhile, less than a mile away in the village of Blackwood, three friends are discovering just how very much faeries do exist. And just how dangerous they really are.

Christina is thrown into a violent, supernatural world of faerie killing, but it is only with the help of the three friends that she can hope to come out of the battle alive.

This story is narrated by the fictional Dr Melchior Williams, who discovered a treasure trove of manuscripts from medieval Blackwood hidden away in the depths of the British Museum – documents supporting the existence of the mythological creatures so ingrained in the medieval psyche.

(YA Historical Fantasy for 10 years+)

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