Lunachix Website

The Lunachix are… well, I might as well let them tell you in their own words…

“…neurotic unfettered players who dump their kids at railway stations with round trip tickets while they rampage like the Bacchanalian women of the Greek tragedies through the bars and clubs of back streets playing blood soaked masterpieces formed in the angst of the menstrual womb and through the contempt of men only solo parenting can produce.

They are a brilliant parody of cool using their own compositions to crush the minds of men into the dust under their chariot wheels…”

My turn now – Suzie and Jo are brilliant musicians. Suzie plays drums and keyboard AT THE SAME TIME. Jo sings in her sultry voice and plays guitar. Their compositions are well worth a listen. Go to the website, click on discography, and follow the links.
Website created as a freebie favour. Payment will hopefully be a nice bottle of fizz and some Makana choccies. Or, knowing them, a pint and some pork scratchings.


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